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Lessons Learned Along the Way

Lessons Learned Along the Way…

I began teaching in 1999, I had already gathered quite a bit of “stuff” for my classroom, but I wanted something different for a treasure box. As I looked through the numerous catalogs of amazing “teacher-y” things I found a cardboard box with a hinged lid that happened to look like a school bus. I knew immediately it would be perfect for my class. Over the years I have put many miles on this bus since my journey of teaching began all those years ago. It has traveled from Texas to New Hampshire and other places along the way. Many small hands have reached into the bus and pulled out a treasure.

As I think about the classrooms and now office that the bus has parked in, I am reminded of the students the bus has served. The little hands excited to get a small piece of candy and those who were disappointed as they passed by without the opportunity to get a treasure. Children hopeful tomorrow the choices they make will produce a different result. Millions of pieces of candy have passed through the bus, and with each one, a new lesson learned. Students were learning to control impulsivity and a teacher learning to be a better teacher to those who were entrusted to my care.

Generally, you do not ride a bus all by yourself, and this journey was no different. Along my journey, I have had many seat-mates, some helpful, some hurtful, some annoying, some inspiring; all teachers teaching me lessons over the miles. A few lessons were learned quickly, several I was taught and re-taught, while others I am currently in the process of remediation!

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you stories from each mile and year that passed and the lessons that I learned along the way…

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