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About CCS

Our goal is simple: from the first day of school until the child walks across the stage at graduation, we train and teach every student.

We provide students opportunities to learn and practice living out their faith. 

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Our Mission

  • To lead our students to become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

  • To teach our students the knowledge to be able to defend their faith.

  • To equip our students to have a desire to serve others.

Our Vision

Every child was created on purpose, for a purpose, and with a purpose.

We will work together with parents to help the child find their purpose.

Our desire is that every child will feel treasured, be trained, and be transformed.


Our Beliefs

  • God is the creator of all

  • The Bible is God's Inspired Word

  • Lead students to accept Christ as Savior and Lord

  • Develop students' desire to know and obey God

  • Develop students' Biblical worldview

(Doctrines of the Bible stated in our Statement of Faith in our Handbook)

Our Academic Objectives

  • Promote individual academic success

  • Develop study skills and basic academic proficiency

  • Develop critical thinking and logic skills

  • Develop both independent workers and collaborative communities

  • Set high expectations for students

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Personal Objectives

  • Model proper view of self and others

  • Model biblical view of relationships

  • Model hard work ethic

  • Model personal convictions and respect

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